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Chářovská 54
794 01 Krnov

Telefon: 554 618 000
Mobil: 603 415 635
Fax: 554 617 899

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Our team
Main building of REINTEGRA

Reintegra is a non-government and not-for-profit organization from Czech Republic. The organization was established in April 1999 in Krnov, the Czech Republic. Today we are a stable and strong organization which provides social services and educational programmes. We significantly participate in solving problems of high unemployment of disadvantaged people in the whole Czech Republic. We are open for co-operation with organizations abroad in realization of social and educational projects that harmonize with our mission.


Mission of the organization

To help disadvantaged people to find again employment and to join the common life.


To develop and implement social and educational programmes, that efectively support employment and social integration of disadvantaged individuals and groups of the population.



Possibilities of co-operation

We are interested in:
Joining partnerships with other organizations in countries of the European Union.
Submitting common projects and raising funds for their realizations.
Exchanging knowledge and experiences.
Implementing projects and solving issues tied to our mission.



If you are interested in starting a cooperation, contact us.

Charovska 54
794 01 Krnov
Czech Republic

Contact person: Vladimir Plesnik, MBA
Phone: + 420 554 618 000
Fax: + 420 554 617 899